KonaKart End User License Agreement (Community Edition)

This is a license agreement between you, a final user of computer software, and DS Data Systems (UK) Ltd, (hereinafter “DS Data Systems”). By accepting the terms of the license, you express your approval of the conditions and terms hereof and you are bound thereby.

Should you disagree with the conditions and terms hereof, promptly terminate the use of this software and destroy any copies thereof or delete the program already downloaded!

  1. Providing the License. DS Data Systems, through this License Agreement, grants to you non-exclusive and non-transferable rights thereunder in respect of using a copy of the computer program. This particular software version is distributed free of charge. The program is not subject to any guarantees, and the user has no right to any technical support whatsoever. The computer program is distributed partially in source code format. The license agreement for this source code is the GNU Lesser General Public License. The licensing details for the parts of the computer program developed by KonaKart and shipped in binary format, are specified in this document.
  2. Copyrights. The computer program subject thereto is and continues to be the property of DS Data Systems. The computer program is also subject to copyrights, and as such it is subject to a full protection thereof.
  3. Usage Restrictions. You must not use the program in any manner that jeopardizes or violates the manufacturers’ copyrights. This includes modifying, translating, reverse engineering, decompiling, disassembling and reducing the program to a humanly perceivable form, or creating derivative works based upon the program, or causing another to do so without giving recognition to KonaKart as specified in point 5.
  5. Recognition. (Not required in the Enterprise version). You must add a “Powered by KonaKart” link in the form Powered by KonaKart on the main page of the shopping cart application. The text used must be no smaller and no less legible than the text used for other web site links such as “Contact Us”, “About Us”, “Site Map” etc. The link must be added to the application whenever this application interfaces to the KonaKart APIs, even if it is not the store-front delivered in the Community Version of KonaKart.
  6. Decisive Law. This License Agreement is governed by English Law.
  7. 3rd Party Software. This product includes software developed by others, and the use of such contributions is subject to the terms of the respective developer’s license agreement, copies of which may be found in the accompanying files. This third-party software and their licenses are identified as follows:
Activation Framework (activation.jar) See accompanying activation.license.txt file.
ANTLR (antlr*.jar) See accompanying antlr.license.txt file.
Apache Tomcat/Catalina (various jars etc) See accompanying apache.license.txt file.
Apache Commons libraries (commons-*.jar) See accompanying apache.license.txt file.
Axis (axis.jar,saaj.jar,jaxrpc.jar,wsdl4j.jar) See accompanying apache.license.txt file.
DB2 JDBC driver (db2jcc*.jar) See accompanying ibm.db2.jdbc.type4.driver.redistribution.license.txt file.
CDI (cdi*.jar) See accompanying apache.license.txt file.
GWT (gwt-servlet.jar) See accompanying apache.license.txt file.
JDOM (jdom-*.jar) See accompanying jdom.license.txt file.
Jakarta-Oro (oro*.jar, jakarta-oro.jar) See accompanying apache.license.txt file.
JavaMail (javax.mail.jar) See accompanying CDDL-LICENSE.TXT file.
JAXB (jaxb-impl.jar) See accompanying CDDL-LICENSE.TXT and GPL2-LICENSE.TXT files.
JCS (jcs-*.jar) See accompanying apache.license.txt file.
JSR (jsr*.jar) See accompanying CDDL-LICENSE.TXT and GPL2-LICENSE.TXT files.
Log4J (log4j.jar) See accompanying apache.license.txt file.
MySQL (mysql*.jar) See accompanying mysql.license.txt file.
Oracle JDBC driver (ojdbc*.jar) See accompanying oracle.license.txt file.
PDFBox Java PDF Library (PDFBox-*.jar) See accompanying pdfbox.license.pdf file.
PostgreSQL JDBC driver (postgresql*.jar) See accompanying postgresql.license.txt file.
SLF4J (slf4j-api-*.jar, slf4j-log4j*.jar) See accompanying mit.license.txt file.
Stratum (stratum-*.jar) See accompanying apache.license.txt file.
Struts (struts.jar) See accompanying apache.license.txt file.
Torque (included in konakart-torque-*.jar) See accompanying apache.license.txt file.
Velocity (velocity-*.jar) See accompanying apache.license.txt file.
Village (included in konakart-village-*.jar) See accompanying apache.license.txt file.
Xerces (xerces.jar) See accompanying apache.license.txt file.
XML Apis (xml-apis-*.jar) See accompanying dom.license.txt & sax.license.txt file.

Unless otherwise indicated, all Content made available by the Eclipse Foundation is provided under the terms and conditions of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 (“EPL”). A copy of the EPL is provided with this Content and is also available at

Copyright © 2014 DS Data Systems UK Ltd., All Rights Reserved.