Ver – What’s new?


Version is the first release after version v9.2.0.0 that has been made generally available. It contains new features and a number of bug fixes. Before upgrading, please read the Upgrade Compatibility Alerts for each version.


Note that some of the features highlighted below are only available in the Enterprise Extensions. See here for full details of what is included only in the Enterprise Extensions.

New Features

  • Added ability to search by productId in the KKEng searchForProducts() API call.
  • Added “Date Added” to customer panel in Admin App to see when a customer registered.
  • In product panel of Admin App, added time to “Date Added” and “Last Modified” attributes.
  • In customers panel added floatover for “Last Logon” column to visualize the time.
  • Added the “Configuration.value.text” custom validation property to set the validation on the configuration text values (these are often extended in the database).
  • Allow the naming of the Manufacturer Address custom fields in the Admin Console.
  • Upgraded ApacheMQ to 5.15.12 (this affects only the embedded MQ broker inside KonaKart).
  • Added the ability to process incoming Apache ActiveMQ messages with higher performance and transactional control. See the User Guide and the example code (under your installation home at ./java_api_examples/src/com/konakart/apiexamples/ for further details.
  • Added a new batch job called “PurgePdfFiles”. It’s provided as an example of how to purge files older than a specified age that match a regular expression anywhere under a specified directory tree.
  • Added getPromotionResult() method to BuyXGetYFree promotion module so that a promotion result is returned when calling the getPromotionsPerProducts() API call.
  • Custom ANT task added to enable the Quartz Scheduler
  • Added two new attributes to a product in order to be able to calculate and display the price per unit (e.g price / kg). This information is automatically displayed in the product details panel of the storefront application.
  • Now possible to run a batch job by double-clicking on the job’s name on the Scheduler panel (a Confirmation dialog is displayed prior to running).
  • Upgraded to GWT 2.9.0
  • For bookable products there is now an option to “soft delete” bookings by marking them as deleted. The Admin App can be configured to use this new behaviour by setting fbc.bookings.soft.delete = true in Default behaviour remains “hard delete” where the bookings are erased from the database.
  • Added Admin App functionality to delete all reviews of a customer from the customers panel.
  • Allow STARTTLS to be enabled/disabled from the Admin Console. Also possible to set this as a parameter to the silent installer.
  • Added functionality to manage configurable statuses for order returns.
  • Added the taxCode attribute to AdminOrderProducts to match OrderProducts.
  • Added taxRateCode to an order product. Modified tax order total module to populate it.
  • Added 5 more custom fields for Manufacturers
  • Added the option to disable the initial search of products on the Products Panel of the Admin Console.
  • Modified addAllProductsToSearchEngine() to improve performance by using a configurable number of threads to send products to Solr.
  • Added an attribute to customer tag so that we can distinguish between tags that are used to hold any generic customer information such as the B2B tags and tags that are used within expressions. We use this functionality when populating the drop list of available customer tags in the expression builder so that we show only tags that can be used to create expressions.
  • Include Italian Admin Message properties files by default.
  • New deleteCatalogWithOptions Admin API call which allows you to specify whether or not you want prices for the catalog to be removed as well as the catalog itself.
  • Allow the setting of a Default Editor Type for the Admin Console (Plain, CKEditor or Rich Text).

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug in ProductDetailsBody.jsp that was forcing it to always display product comparison data in the specifications tab regardless of the value of the configuration variable that allows you to select between product comparison data and product custom attributes.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing suggested search terms being added to Solr for each catalog when “Add suggested search for disabled products” was set to false.
  • Fixed a bug with role definitions where the SiteMap Configuration panel had to be assigned in order to allow access to the User Defined Configuration panel.

Backwards Compatibility Alert

  • In the KonaKart web.xml there is a new parameter for the KonaKartMQServlet called mqSchedulerSupport. This is required to be set to true if you want to use the new transaction-based message processing features.