We recognize that you want your on line store to be unique and stand out from the crowd, so KonaKart has been designed to be easy to customize to suit your particular business.


Customizing the Store Appearance

Customizing the appearance of the store is simple because all of the user interface source code is provided. We expect that you will want to customize the look of your store so KonaKart has been designed with this in mind. You can add your own logo and styles or completely change the look and feel of the store to make it look exactly the way you want. Since the store communicates with the KonaKart eCommerce engines through a stable set of APIs, your customizations continue to work as new versions of KonaKart are released.

By way of example, here are three live customer sites that illustrate how much freedom you have to customise the look and feel of the storefront:

chili-150x150 Mein dm LeroyMerlin-150x150

Customizing the Store Functionality

There are a variety of techniques for customizing the behavior of the KonaKart engine functionality. Examples of the kinds of things you are able to do are:

  • Add new payment and shipping modules. Many examples of these modules are included “out of the box” but KonaKart allows you to plug in new modules as you please, if, for example, you wish to interface to your own preferred payment gateway system
  • Execute your own code when certain events happen (e.g. when an order is made, you can execute your own code to send the order to another system). These “hooks” are designed to help you integrate your KonaKart store with other systems you might have such as your ERP or Warehousing systems.
  • Enable Single Sign On by overriding KonaKart’s login checks. This allows a user to log in to many of your systems at once by just specifying one password – which leads to a much better user experience for your customers.
  • Use customers defined in another system. Many companies will already have customers defined in an existing system. KonaKart can be customized to interface to this external data source instead of using customer information directly from its own database.

Comprehensive code examples and tutorials are provided in the documentation.

Professional Support is available to assist you with all of your Customization tasks should this be required.

Open Source

All of the KonaKart source code is available. The source code in the installation packages is shipped under the GNU Lesser General Public License and is typically the code that we would expect a customer to modify when adapting KonaKart to his requirements. It includes the Struts action classes, the JSPs, the payment modules, order total modules and shipping modules. The Enterprise version of KonaKart also includes the KonaKart Client Engine source code.

The remaining source code is sold as a separate product. We don’t recommend that customers modify the core engine code because that makes it more difficult for us to support them and for them to upgrade to newer versions of the product. We prefer them to communicate with the KonaKart engines through the published APIs since these remain stable between releases and normally provide a very smooth upgrade path even for major customizations.