Ver – What’s new?


Version is the first release after version that has been made generally available. It contains many exciting new features and a number of bug fixes. Before upgrading, please read the Upgrade Compatibility Alerts for each version.


Note that some of the features highlighted below are only available in the Enterprise Extensions. See here for full details of what is included only in the Enterprise Extensions.

New Features

  • Support for Java 8 – Java 13
  • Upgraded to Apache Tomcat 9.0.31
  • After clicking on the Run button on the Scheduler panel the system now performs a series of automatic background refreshes to update the status of the jobs. The behaviour is configurable in
  • Login failure blocking for the storefront – configurable in If configured to be enabled accounts will be blocked for N minutes following M unsuccessful login attempts.
  • Added additional utilities to install KonaKart as a Service in Windows. This new option provides a more flexible solution because it uses the standard startkonakart.bat / stopkonakart.bat scripts to start and stop KonaKart respectively.
  • Added the ability to search for Orders (on the Orders Panel) by 3 custom fields. These additional search fields can be enabled/disabled dynamically by modifying the local settings on the Orders Panel.
  • Now possible to set the default email subject for Customer emails. This is set in the file (and the variants for each locale such as in the msg.customerEmailSubject property.
  • Added the ability to send a template-based email to a selected customer. Customer email templates are stored in a new directory under templates/{storeId}/customerEmails.
  • New batch job added for removing orders that are older than X days and in a defined set of order statuses. Can be used, for example, for purging orders from a system that you no longer wish to retain.
  • Added the ability to manage the Tags assigned to Tag Groups. Previously it was only possible to manage the Tag Groups for Tags. Also a count of the number of Tags for each Tag Group was added to the Tag Groups panel. Likewise, a count of the number of Tag Groups for each Tag was added to the Tags panel.
  • New button for the Admin Console to enable/disable the menu – providing more space for editing when disabled.
  • Upgraded to ehCache 3.8.1
  • Default validation for “double” fields in the Admin Console now makes leading or trailing tabs or spaces invalid.
  • If an uploaded image file cannot be read successfully (can be due to an unrecognised or unsupported format) the image file is simply used unchanged without being scaled. Previously an exception was thrown if the image could not be read.
  • When a template cannot be found for a locale on the Admin side the template for the locale of the default language is used instead.
  • Add some missing “*MgrEE” definitions in the documentation for Manual Installations.
  • Added floatover text to names in category tree view within categories panel of admin app.
  • Added a new responsive dynamic menu to the storefront application. It includes new functionality, enabling the selection of brands as well as categories and sub-categories.
  • Allow custom validation on the Customer Tag Value attribute in the Admin Console to allow it to be increased in size beyond the default 1024 character limit.
  • Added a new batch job to roll over log files once they reach a certain size. This allows an Administrator to automate the maintenance of a KonaKart system’s log files.
  • Added a new code attribute to Order Total objects and a new taxRateCode attribute to Tax Rate objects. The code on the Order Total can be used for any purpose but the default implementation uses it to hold the Tax Rate Code for ot_tax Order Totals.
  • The maximum number of catalogs to show in the drop list in the admin app is now configurable using file based configuration.
  • Added a batch job to export products to a file for Google Retail / Google Merchant Center.
  • The ERP Integration message “Update Product Prices” now supports multiple products within a single message.
  • Modified the storefront application to sort a customer’s addresses by last name.
  • Added unit of measure attributes for product size and product weight.
  • Added new Admin Api call removeRelatedProduct().
  • Added the ability to inhibit the sending of emails after Customer Group changes by setting: fbc.g.kk_panel_editCustomer.send_change_group_email = false
  • Added an attribute to the options object when calling insertCatalogPrices() to optionally refresh Solr with the new product information.
  • Added better phone number validation to the standard OOTB storefront application.
  • Support for Mago Licensing – required when integrating KonaKart with the Mago ERP system.
  • When JSON requests are made for stores that don’t exist return a consistent exception message every time. Previously a different message was returned on the first such call for a store that didn’t exist.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug in the SQLPopulator which is used at installation of the Enterprise Extensions. The problem occurred when an incomplete set of Order Status values is present.
  • In the definition of the purgeMultipleFiles batch job, the wrong execution method was specified. This should be purgeMultipleFiles.
  • Added fix to storefront application to avoid running any injected JavaScript when displaying formatted addresses.
  • removeProductFromCatalog() Admin API call was not updating the product in Solr.

Backwards Compatibility Alert

  • Installers for 32′ Linux platforms no longer produced. If you need to install on a 32′ Linux platform we recommend that you either install on a 64′ platform then copy the files across to the 32′ platform or use the zip-based installation packages.
  • Our original Axis 1.4 – based SOAP implementation has been withdrawn. It has become increasingly difficult to keep this working alongside the latest versions of Java. SOAP users should use the JAXWS SOAP implementation of the engines which are still supported.
  • A minimum Java version of Java 1.8 is now required. Support for Java 1.7 has been withdrawn.
  • The Reset Database command under the Tools menu in the Admin Console no longer deletes the Orders.
  • With the upgrade to ehCache 3.8.1 a new konakart_ehcahe.xml configuration file format is required (a default file is provided). If you use ehCache and have modified any of the default settings in your configuration that you wish to retain these will have to be migrated to the new format.
  • The signature of the ERP Integration message “Update Product Prices” has been modified to allow for multiple products within a single message.