Community Edition


Installation kits

By downloading any of the kits, you agree to be bound by the license.


Windows installer KonaKart-
64′ Linux/Unix KonaKart-
Multi-platform zip package (Remember to run the “copyDuplicates” script when using the zip installation to ensure that you copy the duplicated jars to all required webapps)
SHA256 Checksums SHA256SUMS- (Checksums for all installation kits)

The set-up programs are the recommended kits to use as these will guide you through the configuration options in a graphical wizard. In case you have special requirements (e.g. you might wish to set up KonaKart in a different servlet container?) we provide all of the package files in a zip file for manual installation.

All installation kits contain:

  • The store front application which is also viewable as a demo from our web site. Note that the installation package includes a Tomcat servlet container but doesn’t include the MySql database (or any other d/b) or the Java 2 Standard Edition Runtime Environment (JRE), release version 8.0 or later, available from
  • Source code for the Struts action classes, the JSPs, the payment modules, order total modules, and shipping modules.
  • KonaKart client and server engines which are used by the application.
  • Javadoc for the KonaKart client and server engines.
  • SQL required to be run to set up your database prior to running KonaKart. At installation time you can choose to get the installer to load the database initialization script for you, but you must first create a database to write to. Also available are upgrade scripts that are required to be run if you are updating from one version to another. The upgrade scripts are not run by the installer, so if you are upgrading you have to run the upgrade scripts manually.
  • The KonaKart Administration Application.

Detailed installation instructions can be found in the on line documentation.

Docker Image

If you have Docker installed you can pull and run the Community Edition with one docker command:

docker run -d --name kk9600 -p 8780:8780 -p 8783:8783 konakart/konakart_9600_ce

This docker image contains the KonaKart demo store (Community Edition) with a pre-populated PostgreSQL database. After running the docker run command open a browser and see the storefront at:


The Admin Application is at:


(login using “” as the username and “princess” as the password)

Helpful tips

  • Note that the Set-up programs can also be used in a “silent” (or “unattended”) mode if you prefer (or need to because you have no graphics environment). See the Installation instructions for more details.
  • For a summary of changes made between releases you can check the CHANGES.txt file which is included in each package.
  • Check the Release Notes for details on what to look out for when upgrading from previous releases.
  • Check Known Problems for the release that you’re planning to install.

Download Manager Users : Please note that we only allow a limited number of simultaneous connections so if you use a download manager to download these files, please restrict the number of connections you use to about 10. Thanks.