Our goal from day one has been to produce a reliable, high performance product that can scale to meet increasing requirements as your on line business grows.


The aim of KonaKart is to make your business a success and then to help you improve on that success by allowing you to manage a high traffic on line store with tens or hundreds of thousands of products. Benchmark tests on modest hardware have shown that KonaKart can effortlessly manage a throughput of many orders per second.

One way that a customer perceives performance is through fast UI response times. In order to maximize the available resources, we take care in caching data where appropriate at multiple levels within the application. Another performance factor is robustness so that your store experiences as little down time as possible and behaves as you would expect it to, regardless of the load. Our underlying technology is based on Java which is the technology being used by thousands of enterprise applications all over the world, on a daily basis.


A typical KonaKart installation consists of a couple of application servers providing load balancing and failover. KonaKart is easy to replicate using industry standard load balancing techniques and the number of replicates can grow in parallel with your business growth.


KonaKart software resides on the application servers. Each physical application server may contain multiple instances of KonaKart.

Each instance of KonaKart can communicate with other applications through a SOAP Web Service, RMI interface or JSON.

Each web server can forward requests to any KonaKart instance. However, once a session has been established, all subsequent requests must be passed to the same instance since the store-front application retains state for that session.

All application servers must point to the same database server which can be a cluster to provide fault tolerance.