Is KonaKart for you?

If you are a retailer and looking for a product to develop an on line store, then KonaKart could be a good match.


KonaKart for Retailers

Regardless of your size, KonaKart will provide a powerful solution that should cover most, if not all of your requirements, delivering unparalleled price / performance. One of the differentiation factors of KonaKart is that all functionality is available through a set of APIs (POJO, JSON, SOAP, RMI, JavaScript). These APIs are great for integration, allowing you to seamlessly merge eCommerce functionality into existing web sites and to connect to back end systems through well defined interfaces. A common problem with eCommerce systems is the cost for upgrading as new versions of the eCommerce platform are released. KonaKart has solved this problem through the use of APIs which remain backwards compatible as new versions of KonaKart are released. This means that regardless of the complexity of your store-front customizations you can easily upgrade to the latest version; saving you time and money.

Although KonaKart is very easy to install and to get up and running, it really does require some JSP / Java development and deployment knowledge in order to realistically take a store into production. Therefore, if you have no Java knowledge in your company and you don’t intend on using external professional services, then it’s probably not the product that you should be using.

If your company has Java competency then you should feel right at home using KonaKart and soon be in a position where you can install and customize the software to cover all of your business needs and integrate with your other systems.

We provide Professional Services and Support Contracts to assist you during the development stage and to ensure that your store continues to run smoothly once in production.

Solution Provider / System Integrator / OEM

KonaKart offers an enterprise level eCommerce solution that you can easily customize to match the requirements of your customers.  The KonaKart engine implements a documented API, on top of which you can write integration modules and custom features in order to personalize your KonaKart offering.

We offer a Partner Program, Professional Services and Support Contracts to help you be successful and profitable in your eCommerce projects.


KonaKart is a very good match for ISPs offering Java hosting and software solutions. You may offer the community edition completely free of charge to your customers, with point and click installation to easily enable them to create their on line store.

The enterprise version of KonaKart which includes multi-store, is a good solution for providing many stores in a resource efficient manner.