KonaKart includes a sophisticated browser based administration application. It uses AJAX technology to provide a snappy user interface whilst maintaining all of the advantages of running from a browser.


The intuitive interface includes an on line help system to improve productivity and to quickly give you the hints you need for those tasks which aren’t performed on a daily basis.

Since KonaKart was developed for enterprise customers, it incorporates a security subsystem with role based security. Each user can be assigned one or more roles that determine access to the available functionality with read / insert / edit and delete granularity. The user name / password based access, has the facility to block users for a programmable period after a number of unsuccessful login attempts.

Auditing may be enabled for all Admin App API calls with two levels of detail. All audit data is stored in the KonaKart database and may be browsed and filtered from within the application.

The Admin App is fully internationalized and can be translated via a message catalog.

Administration Features

Screen Shots

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administration-1 administration-2 administration-3