JavaScript jQuery plugin

Our goal at KonaKart has always been to enable eCommerce from “anywhere” by making all functionality available through a rich set of APIs. At first the APIs were available through Java and SOAP calls and later we added RMI and JSON. 

For many of our customers it has become a necessity to be able to integrate eCommerce functionality either into existing web sites or with best of breed CMS systems and portals. Over time, we’ve developed integrations with portals such as Liferay and CMS systems such as dotCMS, OpenCMS and Magnolia CMS. Even without any specific modules, many of our customers have integrated KonaKart into their existing systems using the APIs directly.


Now we are pleased to announce a breakthrough front-end integration method which will work for any browser based application since the integration consists of a JavaScript library that sits on top of the KonaKart JSON API. It contains all of the store-front API calls and makes use of jQuery and a jQuery JSON plugin to provide assistance for making asynchronous AJAX calls and converting between JSON and JavaScript.

The KonaKart JavaScript jQuery plugin allows you to easily implement eCommerce functionality on any web page or even banner of any web application. Since it comes bundled with jQuery you can also make use of all the special effects included in this package. 


Demos of the jQuery plugin and of Shopping Widgets (which use the plugin) can be seen from our Demos Page.

From version of KonaKart the Jquery plugin is only available in the Enterprise Version. See here for a comparison of the Community and Enterprise editions of KonaKart. Documentation for the plugin and shopping widgets may be downloaded from our Documentation Page.