Ver – What’s new?


Version is the first release after version that has been made generally available. It contains many exciting new features and a number of bug fixes. Before upgrading, please read the Upgrade Compatibility Alerts for each version.


Note that some of the features highlighted below are only available in the Enterprise Extensions. See here for full details of what is included only in the Enterprise Extensions.

New Features

  • Added functionality to support Social Login as well as Facebook and Google+ Social Login Modules.
  • Added functionality to load and display different product images based on a chosen option such as a color.
  • Added functionality to allow stock reservation for a fixed amount of time to ensure that stock isn’t overbooked during the checkout process.
  • Added two new admin tiles for administering customers and orders.
  • Added a configuration variable cache in KKEng to improve performance and reduce database traffic.
  • Added a new batch job to load products into Solr using a configurable number of worker threads in order to maximise performance.
  • Now possible to define the characters that are used for customer password generation (default is 23456789ABCDEFGHJKLMNPQRSTUVWXYZ). Set this in the and properties files.
  • Upgraded to Quartz 2.2.1 – with instructions on how to support clustered quartz.
  • Upgraded the MySQL JDBC driver to version 5.1.37 (mysql-connector-java-5.1.37-bin.jar).
  • Upgraded Solr to version 4.9.1 .
  • Now bundled with Apache Tomcat 8.0.26. Note that this requires at least Java 7 Tomcat 7 required at least Java 6).
  • Upgraded to javaparser-2.0.0 to support more recent (up to Java 1.8) Java syntax when parsing Custom Service definitions.
  • Added option to KKEng API calls that retrieve products to include a list of image names as an attribute of the product objects.
  • Exchange Rate Update batch job and module (uses the CurrencyLayer service)
  • Improved performance of deleteTemporaryDataBatch.
  • Added the ability to define whether or not the “Remove From Cat” button in shown on the Products panel of the Admin Console on a role-by-role basis.
  • Modified the way properties files are loaded from the classpath to support implementations on platforms which use virtual file systems (such as when using domains on Wildfly).
  • To help with upgrades we now provide files that identify the messages that have changed between releases rather than just identifying the new messages as before.
  • Modified promotions panel in Admin App to allow search based on promotion id.
  • Added two extra custom attributes to the OrderTotal object.
  • Modified the type of the value column in the currencies table to allow you to store more precise values from the Admin Console.
  • Enhanced the Admin App Launcher Servlet to use the precise version of the konakartadmin.nocache Javascript file (with version and revision number).
  • Added method to get sessionId for logged-in customer in payment module plus an example of its usage in the PayPal module.
  • When calling the Admin API call getOrderForOrderId(), the order products belonging to the order now have a populated order id.
  • Updates to the countries data to reflect recent changes on the official ISO lists.
  • Added addRelatedProductsWithOptions() method that allows you to set the relationship custom fields.

Bug fixes

  • When checking out using KK tiles, the checkout order was always using the product price even if a different price was being set on the basket item.
  • When the AdminVelocityContextMgr wasn’t found, the code was deducing that the Bookable Product functionality wasn’t available either, which was incorrect.
  • On rare occasions due to a race condition, a duplicate primary key exception was being thrown during the insert of a customer tag.
  • When using Oracle our default templates for Order Confirmations were showing “$osh.getComments()”. Now if this quantity has length 0 we output a non-breaking space.
  • Modified struts.xml to not display the sessionId on the browser following a login by admin for a storefront customer.
  • Fixed a bug when synchronizing products in shared products, shared categories mode. If a category was removed from the source product, it wasn’t being removed from the destination product during the synchronization.

Backwards Compatibility Alert

  • Java 6 is no longer supported.
  • MS SQL Server Users – Upgrading from previous versions.

    From v8.1.0.0 of KonaKart the default set-up for SQL Server uses NVARCHAR for columns where it is expected that Unicode data may be required. For example, NVARCHAR is used for columns that are populated by users (such as first name, last name etc). For those MS SQL Server users who are upgrading to v8.1.0.0 of KonaKart an upgrade script is provided to convert the relevant VARCHAR columns to NVARCHAR columns to bring the database in line with the default v8.1.0.0 database. It is strongly-advised that you study the MS SQL Server upgrade script at “*\database\MSSqlServer\upgrade_8.0.0.0_to_8.1.0.0.sql” to see that it meets your requirements and is compatible with your own MS SQL database (it might not be if you’ve modified the columns in your version). It is strongly-recommended that you test the execution of this particular upgrade script on a copy of your own production database prior to executing it on your live production database.