Ver – What’s New?


Released on 5-Sep-2013 Version is the first release after version that has been made generally available. It’s a relatively minor maintenance release but does contain some new features and a number of bug fixes.


Note that some of the features highlighted below are only available in the Enterprise Extensions. See here for full details of what is included only in the Enterprise Extensions.

New Features

  • Added search by manufacturer ascending and descending in order to search for products using the Application and Admin engines. Previously only ascending was available.
  • Added new method getBundlesThatProductsBelongTo() to return an array of bundles plus bundled products for an array of products passed in as a parameter. Allows you to determine (and fetch) the bundles that contain all of the specified products.
  • Added a mechanism to optionally include the template name in the product custom attribute labels in the Edit Product panel of the Admin App. Also, the custom fields may be grouped into a collapsable panel for each template.
  • Updated the Administration Application’s StyleSheet used when deployed as a portlet under Liferay.
  • Removed the Cookie Warning from the Storefront Application when deployed as a portlet under Liferay.
  • Set more fields for the new KonaKart user that is created when automatically logged on from Liferay. eg. Use the country of the store. This can be customised as required as the file is provided as source code.
  • Ehcache introduced for faster access to image names associated with products.
  • More flexible image scaling can be configured when uploading product images. Notably, aspect ratios can be retained.
  • New getProductImages API call for the storefront engine (KKEngIf) – can be used to retrieve the names of images associated with a specified product.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug whereby in multi-store mode, the related products within carousels in the product detail page of the storefront app, were sometimes not picking up the correct currency.
  • Fixed a storefront bug which was causing the customer to redirect to the checkout page when changing the country during an edit address and then clicking the back button rather than the save button.
  • Fixed a suggested search problem to unescape HTML returned by Solr. The indexing of ampersand was causing the problem since Solr was returning & in the suggested search results.
  • Added a ‘/’ before KonakartAdmin.css in the liferay-portlet.xml to ensure the style sheet file is found on all Liferay platforms.
  • Fixed a bug in the admin app to allow an administrator to register a customer if the email address aready exists in the database for a non registered customer. The admin engine was allowing the registration but wasn’t deleting the non registered customer.
  • Fixed a storefront bug that was causing an error when checking out as a non registered customer and clicking the order confirmation breadcrumb.
  • Fixed a storefront bug that was causing a null pointer error when paging a set of products containing a product in multiple categories where a category is invisible and solr is enabled
  • Modified Solr product loading code to not throw an exception if a product description exists for a language that has been deleted.

Backwards Compatibility Alert

  • None