Open CMS Module

We have developed an OpenCms module for KonaKart. OpenCms is a professional, easy to use website content management system. It helps content managers worldwide to create and maintain beautiful websites fast and efficiently.

The purpose of this module is to demonstrate how the eCommerce / shopping cart functionality of KonaKart can be integrated into an OpenCms application. The approach taken has been to use the KonaKart SOAP Web Service in order to call the KonaKart APIs from an OpenCms application. This allows for the applications to be installed in completely separate locations for maximum flexibility.

The module includes some JSPs which display products retrieved from the KonaKart on line demonstration (running on this web site) through the SOAP API . This means that you do not even have to install KonaKart in order to see the module in action. All you need is a running OpenCms system. Further details on the architecture and on how to install and run the module, can be obtained from the module documentation. This should be read before installation .

All OpenCms related downloads are delivered under the GNU Lesser General Public License. These downloads are :

  • The OpenCms Module :
  • The development kit that allows you to create a new konakart-opencms.jar is included in every download package of KonaKart. You can find it under the OpenCms_module directory at the top level of your KonaKart installation. This jar is part of the OpenCms module and contains the java interface classes used to call the SOAP APIs . In order to use a local version of KonaKart rather than our on line demo, you need to use this kit which will create a new jar based on your local WSDL
  • Documentation (a copy is included in the OpenCms module) : KonaKart_OpenCms.pdf.

Community support can be obtained from the KonaKart Forum.  A category called “OpenCms Integration” has been created for all OpenCms related questions.

The Javadoc for the KonaKart Server engine provides documentation for the complete list of API calls. The package to look at is com.konakart.appif which contains documentation for all of the objects used within the API calls as well as the calls themselves which are methods of com.konakart.appif.KKEngIf. More details on how to call the SOAP Web Service API can be read in the on line documentation.