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Flair Atelier

Innovative store that allows you to design a bespoke garment, which is then prepared by Italian tailors and shipped directly to your door.

A fine example of how KonaKart can be integrated into a content management system using its ubiquitous APIs, in order to build a unique fashion store.

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This is the place to buy Italian high-end men’s accessories for many occasions.

KonaKart has been seamlessly integrated into a proprietary CMS system. The tight integration allows you to design your own tie and to order it online.

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The Kilt Hire Co began hiring & selling kilts in 1991, in the town of Musselburgh, on the East coast of Scotland. They have a reputation for keen pricing and commitment to excellent customer service.

The KonaKart store has been live for many years. The main customization lies in the configuration panel where you can configure your kilt and multiple other options as part of your complete outfit.

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Italian style at its very best…An attractive web site where you can configure your own personalized, made to measure shirts choosing from a wide choice of high quality fabrics.

KonaKart has been seamlessly integrated into a proprietary CMS system using the SOAP APIs. The end result is a very informative eCommerce web site where customers are instructed on the art of shirt making and can then select from a list of options to create an order for a custom made article.

“Thanks to Konakart for filling what was a serious hole: a professional shopping cart for Java architectures..”

– Gianluca Mei, Cone Consulting

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