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Sky New Zealand

Sky New Zealand is the leading subscription TV operator in New Zealand with more than 830,000 subscribers serving almost half of all New Zealand households.

The website is a great example of a seamless integration with Liferay.

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BPP is one of the UK’s leading providers of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, professional qualifications, and professional development. It is a part of Apollo Global, an international educational investment company.

The web site (developed by KonaKart partner Synegen) is a fine example of a Liferay integration using custom portlets which communicate with KonaKart directly through the APIs.

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GiftedandTalented was born out of more than 20 years of research at Stanford University about how emerging technologies can support the needs of advanced students.

The web site is based on Liferay and the store is a seamlessly integrated KonaKart portlet.

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Telecable is a Spanish Telco offering mobile phone, TV and internet services as an MVNO since 2007.

This is a great example of a seamless Liferay integration where eCommerce functionality has been added through multiple portlets, each of which encapsulates KonaKart functionality.

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Volkswagen is the original and top-selling marque of the Volkswagen Group, the biggest German automaker and the second biggest automaker in the world.

Their store sells Volkswagen accessories and merchandising products. It is a fine example of a KonaKart integration with Liferay using the KonaKart APIs.

Telekom Austria Group

Telekom Austria Group. Major European Telecoms Group with 23 million customers in 8 countries.  Their first implementation of KonaKart is for A1 who are an innovative mobile communications operator enjoying a 30% market share of the Slovenian telecoms market.

Their store is a great example of a seamless integration with Liferay and demonstrates how KonaKart can be used to support complex product bundles (which in this case include handsets, price plans, accessories etc).

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Crosswired is an online learning community offering technology solutions and content within mission communities to deliver solutions to the common and major challenges they face.

This store uses KonaKart integrated with Liferay as a portlet.

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Telnor, part of Grupo Carso Telecom, is a company providing telephone and internet services since 1981 in Mexico.

The storefront closely resembles the standard KonaKart storefront and is integrated as a portlet within Liferay.

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Careum is a Swiss company that develops and produces learning and teaching materials for healthcare education and the social sector.

The online store consists of the standard KonaKart storefront application deployed as a Liferay portlet.

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