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Cannot view system logs

Started by johnny-le-garcon, June 19, 2018, 09:08:32 am

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I have upgraded to v8.8.1.0 from v7.1.1.0 and I have found that I can't view the system logs in the Admin Console.  The View button is not enabled.  The role settings for the Admin User I am using should allow it to be used.

How do I enable that?


You don't see that view logs button enabled because of a new default level of security introduced in v8.8.0.0.

There are other features disabled by default after the installation and a way to define "permitted locations" for file uploads.  These were all introduced to tighten security.

Take a look at the https://www.konakart.com/docs/AdminAndConfiguration.html#AdmininstrationAppStartingLockdown for details.

For the View logs button to become enabled you would have to set:

konakart.api.getFileContents.enabled = true

(in webapps/konakartadmin/WEB-INF/classes/konakartadmin.properties)