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July 25, 2024, 08:26:37 am

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the integration for the earlier versions of Konakart and Magnolia was really just a combination of the two war files into one. You should only need the classes found in the new versikon of konakart.
sorry, hit reply to fast = what version of magnolia are you using?
hi, what version of KK and Magnolia are you using?
Unfortunately I am not able to recreate the error you described. What locale is your computer set to? have you tried to create a new account and see if it has the same problem?

I looked into this a bit further - you need to set the following property in the konakart-velocity.properties file (found in WEB-INF/classes)

#replace with the location of your konakart installation, also configure the velocity configuration in konakart admin to template
file.resource.loader.path = C:/Program Files/KonaKart

Hope this helps. I'll have a look at the bundler to see what's going wrong there.
have you tried to just use templates? no full path?
looks like a startup error of magnolia in general - what version of java application server are you using? Tomcat? Did you try to run magnolia before you built the new war file (just by itself, without the konakart module?

You're experiencing a problem with the velocity templates - the configuration in the konakart admin console for the velocity email templates should be changed to a relative path instead of the absolute path. Please let me know if this fixes the problem. If the problem goes away, I'll update the documentation. Also, try to disable email notifications for test purposes and see if everything works fine. Please keep me posted if the change works.