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July 25, 2024, 08:29:11 am

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Topics - sfsylz

I want to get a shipping quote from a company via XML Web Services. The return values contain multiple options: < Response >

   < ErrorCode > 0 < /ErrorCode >
   < ErrorText > success < /ErrorText >

   < Option >
       < Description > USPS First Class Mail < /Description >
       < DeliveryTime > 2-5 days < /DeliveryTime >
       < Price > 1.29 < /Price >
   < /Option >

   < Option >
       < Description > UPS Ground < /Description> >
       < DeliveryTime > 2-4 days < /DeliveryTime >
       < Price > 7.90 < /Price >
   < /Option >

   < Option >
       < Description > Fedex guaranteed 3-day < /Description> >
       < DeliveryTime > 3 days < /DeliveryTime >
       < Price > 8.24 < /Price >
   < /Option >

< Response >

I would like to populate the shipping page with this information, but the Shipping Modules only seem to return one ShippingQuote. Am I going to have to implement different modules for each of the types and return null if the option isn't available?

Also, I am trying to integrate with a fulfillment company and I am ending up modifying the WorldPay callback class to automatically send the order to the fulfillment company. Is there a modular structure to fulfillment that I may have missed?

Miscellaneous / Eapps
May 16, 2007, 10:39:39 am
I see that <a href="http://www.eapps.com">Eapps</a> is now offering KonaKart as an option in their service.

That's who I use for my hosting.


Configuration of KonaKart / PayPal and Shipping
May 08, 2007, 05:51:39 pm
I turned on PayPal the other day and I have received my first payment with it - but the payment I received did not have the shipping cost added to it!

Any ideas on why this happened? I'm using flat rate shipping.

I was wondering if there was a capability to submit a single form containing the product id and shipping country, which then constructs the order and then dispatches the order off to the payment processor (ie Worldpay via a HTML post)?

I was thinking that there could be a simple html page form that calls a servlet that connects into the KonaKart engine and which builds the values needed for the Worldpay post (for security/spoofing reasons I want the secret id to be generated) and then forwards it on to Worldpay with instructions from Worldpay to gather the shipping instructions. The Worldpay callback servlet will then take the information that was gathered and will fill in the vital information for the order.

Doable? What are the required fields for an order to be populated initially. I couldn't see anything of that type in the JavaDocs. Maybe I missed it, but are there JavaDocs for the KKEngine?

Configuration of KonaKart / Google Analytics
March 29, 2007, 06:40:20 pm
I am looking at using Google Analytics on my site. I am using the Junior version of Worldpay. I would like to track the customers accross the Worldpay pages and back to my site.  I know that I need to add some javascript call to either the header.jsp or footer.jsp, but in order to continue tracking the customer accross the worldpay pages I think that I need to use something like this:

<form action="http://newdomain.com/form.cgi"; onSubmit="javascript:__utmLinkPost(this)">

from the confirm checkout page to the Worldpay payment pages. Is there a way to incorporate an onSubmit or javascript in the one of the modules when doing a post?

I'm more than a bit stumped on this one.

Feature Requests / Worldpay Integration
February 10, 2007, 03:28:07 pm
Are there any plans for Worldpay Integration?