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I have JE 6 installed, and mysql with database, go through the windows installation, db connection OK, get to finish stage, create shortcut to run KK.  The program is installed and I have a program group.  When i double click the icon on the desktop, a window comes up with 4 lines about "using catalina and jre...: with file paths and then "Waiting for teh KonaKart server to start" and nothing happens?

Any ideas as to problem?



Do you get any clues under the konakart\logs directory ?

I found deploy.log file with following:

Unable to locate tools.jar. Expected to find it in C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\lib\tools.jar
Buildfile: C:\Program Files (x86)\KonaKart\custom\deploymentBuild.xml



Total time: 0 seconds

Thanks for your help,


In a successful installation the deploy.log file should contain this (ignore the number of files copied)

Buildfile: C:\Program Files\KonaKart\custom\deploymentBuild.xml

     [copy] Copying 87 files to C:\Program Files\KonaKart\webapps\konakartadmin\WEB-INF\lib
     [copy] Copying 5 files to C:\Program Files\KonaKart\webapps\konakart\WEB-INF\classes
     [copy] Copying 11 files to C:\Program Files\KonaKart\webapps\birtviewer\WEB-INF\lib
     [copy] Copying 6 files to C:\Program Files\KonaKart\webapps\birtviewer\WEB-INF\platform\plugins\\drivers


Total time: 2 seconds

The installer runs an ANT task to move some duplicated files around towards the end of the installation.  (The idea is that this makes the download package as small as possible).

In your case this has failed.  You have been unable to run an ANT task.

It looks like your java environment does not have the tools.jar required by ANT.

So..   what to do?...   

1) Set up you java environment with a tools.jar and run the ANT task yourself
    $ cd <KONAKART HOME>
    $ ./custom/bin/kkant -f custom/deploymentBuild.xml

2) Set up the java environment with a tools.jar and re-run the installation

3) Download the zip installation and copy the lib directories from the webapps in those to your own webapp lib directories.  (the zip installation package does have duplicated jars)

4) You could copy these files manually - look at the ANT task (in custom/deploymentBuild.xml) to figure out which files you need to copy.

We will improve the error reporting of installation failures like these in a future version....

Just in case that wasn't clear...  the points 1) to 4) at the end of Greg's post were options... you don't do all of them... just choose one of them!


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