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.rptdesign has error and can not be run

Started by nkpsu, October 10, 2007, 12:03:12 pm

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i upload a report it can not be run
"The design file file::/Program Files/konakart/webapps/birt-viewer/reports/new_report.rptdesign has error and can not be run."

any help

i'm using BIRT (birt-rcp-report-designer-2_2_1) if there is any version problem?


Before drawing any conclusions about version incompatibility have you studied the reason for the error?



i am using Eclipse BIRT Designer Version 2.2.1.r221_v20070924 Build <2.2.0.v20070924-1550 for design report,

"i am not sure"
in the konakart report have  Eclipse BIRT Designer Version 1.0.1 Build <20051130-1157

i change the name space in my report into http://www.eclipse.org/birt/2005/design"; version="3.2.6"

then it working fine.


Hi nkpsu,

That's useful feedback.  Thanks for getting back to the forum with that, and well done for solving your problem  :).

Another approach would be to replace the jars under the birt-viewer webapp to match your development environment if you want to keep them the same.