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Started by sdyck, July 09, 2009, 05:24:56 pm

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I have set up a promotion, with a coupon, turned on showing of the coupon, set total discount module status to true, but I do not see the view updating the price based on the discount.
Below is what I currently see in the store front:

Sub-Total:   $1,888.00
   Shipping:   $0.00
   Total:   $1,888.00
   $1,000.00 Discount:   -$1,000.00

Also, if I complete the order I see the same results in the Invoice ...

Isn't the populateCheckoutOrderWithOrderTotals() method call in ShowCartItemsAction supposed to update this price if I have everything turned on to do so?

Please help!


Try setting the sort order of the Order Total Modules in the admin app so that the discount module comes before the Total module.

Take a look at our demo app ( http://www.konakart.com/konakart/Welcome.do ) using coupon code "12345" .


Wow ... ok that worked thanks!