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login manditory to create an order?

Started by sdyck, April 23, 2009, 05:52:30 pm

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So I've been making some good progress, but ran into a strange snag...

I've been modifying the InsertOrder.java and have noticed that I cant seem to create an order using a default / temp user.

I successfully call
eng.addToBasket(sessionId, eng.getTempCustomerId(), item);
Basket[] items = eng.getBasketItemsPerCustomer(sessionId, eng.getTempCustomerId(), DEFAULT_LANGUAGE);

but fails here:

Order order = eng.createOrder(sessionId, items, DEFAULT_LANGUAGE); // passing in null b/c I don't want to have to create a user.

Do I MUST create a customer and login first? or is there any way to create an order without being logged in?


If you don't want to create a permanent customer using the registerCustomer() API call, you can create a temporary customer using the forceRegisterCustomer() API call. Take a look at the Javadoc for the differences.