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Limit order total amount

Started by kastor, September 24, 2007, 03:15:56 pm

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Hi All,

I'm lookin for an easy way to limit the money an user can buy in the shop, for example, if an user reaches 300 dollars of products in the shopping cart, show an alert or something similar.

Any hints or ideas?

Thanks in Advance.



Hi Kastor,

An easy solution would be to edit EditCardBody.jsp which is the JSP that shows cart items. You are forwarded to this JSP everytime you add something to the cart. This JSP displays the total so you could add a few lines of code that prints out a warning or displays a popup window after having checked the total value.



Thanks, Paolo,

finally I have modified EditCartSubmitAction.java as you suggested to check the items amount, including quantity of items.