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DataBase question

Started by David, September 20, 2007, 11:56:53 am

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Hi, everyone

I need to do a new proyect but I don't know if I can use KonaKart to do it... ???

The problem is that I can't use KonaKart's DB, I need to use the DB of another program and connect it to KonaKart. I dont know if I'll need some source code that is not included with the KonaKart download package.

Thanks for your help,



Hello David,

I'm not sure I understand what you want to do.

KonaKart is designed to work with a defined database schema.   It can't work with another database schema.

Why can't you use the KonaKart database?  KonaKart will work with that.   Can you load the data you have in the other database into KonaKart's database perhaps?

Perhaps you could provide a little more background on the question?



yes, I can provide a little more background on the question... the problem is my english ;D its dificult to explain... and I don't know too much of JSP and J2EE technologies

The problem is that I can't use de Admin part of KonaKart, everything has to be done from the program I need to connect to KonaKart and it has a lot of specific rules, data types, etc.... so it's not easy to add new orders or manage articles without it. There are two solutions: don't use the KonaKart DB or work with SOAP to connect them but I don't know if this could work.


Hello David,

Don't worry about your English.  I can guarantee that you can write English better than I could write in your native language  :)

I'm afraid I still don't understand what you're trying to achieve and the constraints you're working under here.

If your other system has products in it, it should be quite easy to extract these and load them into the KonaKart database (either once or on a regular basis).   There are a few techniques that are available to you to achieve this (using an export file from your other system and using the KonaKart bulk import tool, or just using the direct java or SOAP APIs).

Once you have done this you should be able to use the KonaKart Admin tool.  Why do you say you can't use that?

New orders are typically added via the client application; but could be added by running any ordering program that uses the KonaKart APIs.

If you need to communicate information from KonaKart back to your other system this is also easy to achieve and there are various different ways to achieve this as well.   One of the greatest strengths of KonaKart is the flexibility of its open interfaces allowing you to integrate it with other systems easily.

Sorry if I haven't understood your question,


Hello again,

finally I can use konakart's database. Now I need to know some other things about populating KK database, but I will put them on other post.

Thank you for all your explanations,



Hi David,

That's good news.  Well done!

Thanks for letting us know,