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Started by rula, August 11, 2008, 03:24:42 pm

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Hi konakarts,
I can not debug konakart in eclipse.
Absent Line Number information

Unable to install breakpoint in ...
missing line number attributes. Modify Compiler options to generate the line
number attributes

I looked for comiler setting of workspace and project,
set debug="off" to debug="trie" in build.xml and
and searched in tomcat for debug settings, but found nothing. :(

Please, help would be fine, regards, rula


Hi konakarts,

sorry, now it seems that debugging is possible, I don't know the cause! regards, rula


If it's your source code you're trying to debug then you need to set debug="on".  


Hi Brian,

yes, it's my sourcode, I set debug="true" in build.xml for srcdir="${custom.home}/appn/src/

regards, rula