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KonaKart and Oracle

Started by TheLittlePolarBear, May 05, 2007, 03:10:58 am

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Hi Everyone,

      Is there any tutorial or links related to how to make KonaKart work with Oracle?
      I have searched this forum and Google the web, and unfortunately there is no result.
      Here what I did so far:

1) Download the KonaKart package and install it under /usr/local/konakart/

  • Tomcat is Running

  • Oracle DB is Running

  • Oracle Listener is Running

  • Firewall is Disabled

2) The connection used to connect to Oracle is as follow:

    torque.database.default                                        = MyDatabase
    torque.database.oscommerce.adapter                      = oracle
    torque.dsfactory.oscommerce.connection.driver         = com.oracle.jdbc.Driver
    torque.dsfactory.oscommerce.connection.url             = jdbc:oracle:thin:@
    torque.dsfactory.oscommerce.connection.user           = MyUser
    torque.dsfactory.oscommerce.connection.password    = MyPassword

3) Then when I go to I see the main page but I got this error message "Unfortunately we have encountered a malfunction. Please contact the system administrator"

4)I noticed that there is only two files under /usr/local/konakart/database/ which are for MySQL and PosgresSQL - and nothing for Oracle.
    Question now is: do we need to pay $$ to make konakart talk to Oracle Database?

Please help - Thanks.



May 07, 2007, 08:34:31 am #1 Last Edit: May 08, 2007, 08:43:05 am by paolo
Your post is good timing because Oracle is the next one on our list for integration with KonaKart. All we really need to do is to create the Oracle DB script and pass it through our automated test suite (since our persistence layer already supports Oracle). It should be ready for version which is planned to be released in approximately two weeks time. Our current schedule is as follows:

Rel. - This week. Major new feature is reports. Integration with BIRT.

Rel - Week starting Mon 21st May. Major new feature is Promotions.

And finally, No you don't need to pay $$ although they are always gratefully accepted :-)


Hey Paolo,

Thanks for the good news you brought here!
This sounds very good, I can't wait to test KonaKart once it is available for Oracle DB.
I will definitely check this website very often.

Thanks guys for the good work you have done so far... and long life to OpenSource!



Hi LittlePolarBear and anyone else who wants to try KonaKart with Oracle,

We have just released a beta version with full support of Oracle.

(Has been certified against Oracle 9i and Oracle 10g).

You can download this only from our website - from the Downloads section at: http://www.konakart.com/downloads.php

In the kit you will find (under the database/Oracle9i directory under the konakart top-level directory) a script containing all the SQL you need to create all the database objects for Oracle and insert our standard set of reference data to get you started.   (You must load the database before you start KonaKart).

Good luck with this and please let us know if you notice any problems.



Hi John,

Sorry for the delay, I was off few days ago :P

Just to confirm you guys that the KonaKart Version is working great with this configuration:

Windows XP Professional
- KonaKart Version
- Java jdk1.5.0_06 and +

Linux Red Hat 4 ES/AS: Database server
  - Oracle 10g Database

I will give a try to make this work on JBoss 4...

Thanks for the good works guys !!



Hi LittlePolarBear,

That's good news!

Thanks for letting us know and supplying your configuration details; this will be useful to give others on that configuration more confidence.

Good luck with JBoss 4,



Hey John,

I think I will stick with the default configuration (Tomcat), I will leave JBoss aside... for now.
Do you guys plan to port KonaKart to JBoss... one day? ;D

Another quick question, what version of Struts is used on KonaKart?





We don't have any plans at present to provide an installer for KonaKart on any other container but tomcat.    We do provide the zip package for people to install the webapps manually into whichever container they require (from these they could make WARs or EARs or whatever they prefer).   There would be some manual effort required but there is nothing in KonaKart that's written specifically for, or relies upon, tomcat - and therefore it should work in any container.

The version of Struts used today in KonaKart is 1.2.9.





Sorry for my ignorance, I think I was blind!!
In effect, there is a zip file available for all platform on the download page, I don't know how I missed that!

I'll give a try on JBoss and I will post back here... and again sorry for previous posting.

Thanks for your QUICK answer!