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June 19, 2019, 10:50:34 am


KonaKart v8.9 - Released Aug-2018 - see KonaKart website for details


Started by Steveinjava, December 14, 2007, 09:25:20 am

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I have just upgraded to and was very impressed by the promotions ability. But when I introduce a "Buy 4 and get 7% off" promotion (and a "Buy 10 get 14% off) and set it to work for a specific product nothing happens when I buy that item in bulk.
I even tried restarting the KonaKart & Tomcat server but I can't get any (noticeable) effect by using the promotion.
Its a product discount. Non cumulative.  I have the active tick box set. I set wide valid dates although I actually want unlimited dates really but couldn't be sure leaving the dates empty would do that.
On the rules page I just have the relevant product selected- for all customers/manufacturers/categories.
Any ideas or just confirmations from someone who has got a similar promotion working would be much appreciated :)


Hi Steve,

Could this be your problem?

The promotion types available in the drop list are defined in the Modules>>Order Total section of the Admin App. New types may be added by adding new modules to KonaKart. Note that the promotion will not become active until the relevent OrderTotal module has been installed.



Ryan, thanks for that. I had neglected to install the module in my new installation.
Might be a good idea for the promotions page to show installation status for the 2 modules? Maybe even a dialog box if they try to actually add a promotion without the relivant module in place? Just an idea.

Unfortunately installing it and refreshing the cache + restarting the server etc still have not made the promotions visible...I know this has to be something dumb but any further ideas are most welcome.


I've attached a screen shot of how the promotion is set up in our demo. Our demo uses a coupon which is why the requires coupon check box is checked. You can ignore that if you don't use a coupon.


Ryan, thanks but that doesn't show me anything new.
Incase it helps here is what my promo screen looks like.

I have 'minimum quantity of a product' set to 4 and 10 respectively.
Just as a check I tried creating a promo just like the demo- 10% across the board with no minimums and applied to all customers etc. Even this doesn't work for me. ???


Here's a screen shot of the OrderTotalModules . Check that the variable with key MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_INSTALLED in the configuration table has the names of the discount order total modules in it (i.e. ProductDiscount;TotalDiscount;ot_shipping.php;ot_subtotal.php;ot_tax.php;ot_total.php )


Ryan, I can't find a config file with that key in it...I tried using the admin tool and just using windows explorer...
If I go to configuration on the admin screen I can then select Edit Config Files...
I then have a choice of...

KonaKart Properties File
KonaKart Admin Properties File
KonaKart Logging Properties File
KonaKart Admin Logging Properties File
KonaKart Mail Properties File

Is it one of these I need to edit?
Have a great weekend whatever :)



Sorry, I wasn't very clear. I meant the database table called configuration. You can run this :

SELECT configuration_value FROM configuration where configuration_key = 'MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_INSTALLED';

This should get set by the Admin App when you install the module. It writes the module name into it. So if you don't see the module name then it means that for some reason the discount module hasn't been installed.


Ryan, when I run that SQL statement I get just


I have installed the Product Discount & Order Total Discount modules via the admin UI so any idea why it hasn't got into the db?
More practically can I just amend the contents of configuration_value and it will work?
BTW The relevant files (TotalDiscount.java and ProductDiscount.java are in the right place for inclusion so I am hoping just adding the ref to them will be enough...


Ryan, I tried

UPDATE configuration SET configuration_value="ProductDiscount;TotalDiscount;ot_shipping.php;ot_subtotal.php;ot_tax.php;ot_total.php" WHERE configuration_key = 'MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_INSTALLED';

but it doesn't seem to have affected anything  :'(


Hi Steve,

Ryan did not suggest that you go writing into the database like that...  just to check the value of that key to aid in the diagnosis of the problem.  If you do that you might get into a horrible state.

The Admin App should write that when you install the module (amongst a number of other critical parameters that you will miss if you do it manually - hence comment above).  If it isn't, you need to figure out why.

It's as if your admin app is pointing to a different database to your application (and the one you're checking).  Check that the db definitions in konakart.properties match those in konakartadmin.properties.



Heidi, no worries. I tried the change then put it back after. You are correct about the db. I should have posted yesterday when I realised but felt I had already posted twice so was going to leave it. I was looking at my eApps based db- the one on my own pc does have the two refs below


So I am back to square one. The db does contain the refs & the promotions tables are all populated with the right sort of data (Names of promos- discount rates- productID of products involved).

I just wonder if the standard jsp pages have the logical by default to show promos? I will check myself now but if it requires a different JSP that will be the reason.

The one good thing about this muddle is it will provide help one day for another user seeing the same thing: When I/we find the cause I will list it out in this forum for max benefit  ;)


Well I am still unable to get any modules to work in my installation.  ???
ie no shipping (table), no payment (paypal) or productdiscount etc.
I have checked the properties file(s) and the db related fields are correct & match.

What I have realised is I cannot compile the konakartadmin module classes...
They contain imports like...

import com.konakartadmin.modules.ModuleInterface;
import com.konakartadmin.bl.KKAdmin;

but I haven't got the code (or source) for these. Are they available- They do not seem to be in the standard installation jar...



I see you're using version

There's an ant build file under the "custom" directory that you can use to build all the module code etc.

Take a look at konakartadmin.jar for those classes you couldn't find.

If you get your compiled module classes in the right places, the properties file setting correct, and install the module successfully you will see it in the application.

Use the modules that work in your environment as a guide.



hi steve,

does is work for you now? because I've a similar problem (only for me all other modules work). just the promotions won't take effect.

if you got it to work I'd be happy to hear about your solution.