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Removing 'Konakart' from URL

Started by pooja, April 24, 2014, 04:35:30 am

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I want to remove '/konakart' from URL as store front is going to be my website for users.

One thing I have done is to add redirectfilter jar  and have replaced 'konakart' from all the paths in configuration->Images in the admin portal with my storename, lets say 'xyz'.
So I have changed store-front base from /konakart to /xyz and storefront image base from /konakart/images to /xyz/images and the same applies to rest of them.
Also, I have renamed konakart folder in webapps with 'xyz'.

Store front is working fine on localhost.
Just want to confirm that can there be any issue because of this renaming.

Thanks in advance.


Its a long time ago, I hop you read this post.

But can you tell me how web.xml is like and the config file? Like this:



and the config.txt like:


I have no succes with it, but I think I made a mistake.