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Currencies.value field too small

Started by kameraad759, December 22, 2020, 01:56:16 am

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I use IDR as default currency. The currency is at the moment approx 17000 (1 Euro). If I set IDR as default and that currency field is 1, then I have to set the currency field for Euro on 0.0000588235 (1/17000). With the current setting in the Database (15,6), it is not possible to set the correct currency. I changed the field in 15,10. Thats working, the prices are displayed correctly in the Storefront. But when I edit the currency in the Admin.Currency tool, the give currency wil be stripped again to 6 digits after the decimal. Somewhere in a class or source (AdminCurrencyMgr) this happens.

How can I change it to put a currency like 0.9123456789? Better if Konakart use the default currency field as "per currency value". Let say the currency value would be 10000, and in my example the Euro currency would be 0.588235. So no DB change is needed.

a) Can you change in a class or source that there is no stripping for 6 digits after the decimal separator?


b) Can you change the default currency field ad "per currency value"?

For now I have to change the currencies directly in the Database. Not handy.




In which (konakartadmin) class is the format of the currency (eq. 15,6) defined. I changed the field for the currency value in the database from 15,6 to 15,10, but in the admin app , there is a rounding of 5 digits after the point.

Example: In the Admin APP Currencies. I give 1.123456789, but it is rounded to 1.12346. Still 5 digits (not even 6!). Where in a class is defined there is a rounding for 5 digits for the currencies?

Thanks in advance for helping or given me a hint.


Anyone? Somebody? Marco? Brian?

Just a simple answer. In wich class and method is the rounding of the value of the currency, before saving in database. The current rounding is 5 before and 5 after the decimal point. I am interested in the rounding after the decimal point. Where is it?