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No result after building project in Eclipse

Started by kameraad759, December 18, 2020, 07:35:59 am

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I changed C:\Konakart\webapps\konakart\WEB-INF\classes\Messages_en.properties, and also for the other languages. Added:
my.returns.page.message=This is the Return field

I changed C:\KonaKart\custom\appn\src\com\konakart\actions\ReturnsAction.java. Changed the line:
returnsContent = kkAppEng.getMsg("common.add.info");
returnsContent = kkAppEng.getMsg("my.returns.page.message");

I installed Eclipse, installed Tomcat 9,created kkeclipse within Konakart, imported kkeclipse.

when I run the project, I see the storefront, but no changes in the Returns or AboutUs fields.
Did a clean project and build project. Again no difference in AboutUs ir Returns.

How do I compile the new java sources in Eclips? I do not see the changed java scripts in the project. Where in Eclips should be the sources? so it build the right new storefront.

I only want the new compiled AbiutUsAction.java. I can inject it in the jar kobakart-custom9.4.0 jar.

what are the right steps?