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Using API (how)

Started by kameraad759, December 06, 2020, 09:20:20 am

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In chapter 10 from the user manual, section text content, the following line is written:

"Once the content text is defined you can access it from the storefront using the KonaKart APIs and selecting the required content by specifying its Content Id which is automatically assigned when the content is created."

I do not understand this. "Access from the storefront using the APIs and selecting the content".

Can someone please give me an example step by step how to do this? I am not familiar with this.



Hi Hans,

if you are on Community edition you'll have to modify the code in order to change KonaKart storefront appearance, because content management editing is an Enterprise feature.

You should go through Chapter 24 in the user manual for detailed instructions on how to do that. You'll need some Java, JSP and Struts knowledge and, clearly some HTML, JS and CSS knowledge too.

In any case, if you're interested in understanding how Content works, have a look at the JSP and the related Java action class behind AboutUs page. In a standard installation, you should find these files at:

  • C:\KonaKart\webapps\konakart\WEB-INF\jsp\AboutUsBody.jsp
  • C:\KonaKart\custom\appn\src\com\konakart\actions\AboutUsAction.java