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Want to change phonenumber

Started by kameraad759, December 05, 2020, 01:16:43 am

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New at Konakart. Know to write a little in HTML and CSS. When I start up the Konakart UI client, I see in the footer the Konakart email and phonenumber. I only find by search in "Footer_jsp.java" the phonenumber. Many other things I find in these *.java scripts, such as "SelectProd.action", showing banners on the homepage. But all these files are *.java.

I suppose I have to build the files in one way to get a new jsp or whatever. Can someone help me out a little bit, how I change the phonenumber and/or how I build new files, so I can see the changes in the client? Something to do with build.xml and the command ANT? Never done this, so please explain and teach me a little.


I use Windows 10 and XAMPP (for tomcat) and Konkart version 9.4 (latest).


Hello Hans,

in order to change the phone number you could just change the file Footer.jsp, which, in a standard Windows installation should be located at:


Anyway, that really isn't the way to proceed for making customizations to KonaKart. As you already guessed, you should use the provided ANT script and build the Eclipse project. The Eclipse project will provide you a proper environment to work on KonaKart code.

You should refer to the manual for that, in particular "Chapter 24. Programming Guide", section "Customizable Source Code". You'll find there also step by step instructions on the ANT build process.

Anyway, I think you will need to get a much better grasp of how a Java Struts webapp works before you can really start to work profitably on the source code.