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customers table, and kk_cookie with sessions

Started by vexeffect, April 30, 2020, 01:10:27 pm

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I'm using community edition and I see the tables in my Postgresql database. I was wondering how to tie together the sessions table which has the sesskey and customer_id in it, and perhaps also use the kk_cookie table with its customer_uuid. I would like to access for example the customers table to get the full information (through customer_id), from say the customer_uuid.
Maybe the sesskey is also listed in other tables but I wasn't sure.

Is what I'm looking for also in the database table or is it somehow managed by Apache Tomcat?

I'd like to also learn more about getting started with the Java API, and I built the java_api_examples like GetCustomer.class but I wasn't sure yet how to run them. I figured I'd probably be able to get information on a single session, if I can add a servlet, but is there a way to get access to all sessions by running a Java application in a console?


I think you really need to change the way you're approaching this.   With KonaKart the programming is all about the APIs.   Everything is available through the APIs.   You shouldn't need to look at the database at all.   You would only tend to do that for extremely special cases or perhaps for reporting purposes.

My advice would be to study the API examples.  Use the User Guide to work out how to run the examples (you use ANT).  From there, you could try to write a few simple programs that use the APIs so that you become familiar with using them. Once you're familiar with their use you will be able to do just about anything you want with your eCommerce store.


I was able to run the GetCustomer example, which pulls up customer information by email address. I had to specify a whole list of jar files as well as run java from the WEB-INF/classes directory so that the konakart.properties file could be read. I also updated the login credentials in BaseApiExample.java