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Crowd Funding and Recurring Donations

Started by jon.w, October 22, 2019, 09:58:48 am

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The donation option is helpful within Konakart. It would be beneficial to take this a few steps further with additional features such as:
- Individual donations - recurring subscription.
- Option for crowd-sourcing projects with a pledge or a payment. For example, having a donation optimum target, a donation minimum target, a time limit and geographical location for the fundraising exercise. 

Business rules for execution of payment based on minimum target, project start date etc..

Live information for product aggregates such as number of donors, pledges to date, % Financed.

The link below shows what a tile could look like:
https://en.goteo.org/?currency=USD  Goteo gives an example of a project in the form of a catalogue entry.


Thanks for your suggestion Jon.  We'll add it to our list for consideration for a future release.


Thanks Brian.  Just wondering if there was any further consideration of this feature.

If there are other parties who have an interest in this feature development please do add your thoughts.  Perhaps there is an option to build an extension as a konakart community initiative.