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Administration Tool For KonaKart

Started by johnny-le-garcon, January 12, 2007, 11:32:14 am

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I can't find an administration tool?  When will that be ready?



Work on the Administration Tool for KonaKart is well underway. 

We aim to make it as user friendly as possible as we recognise that this is of critical importance to storekeepers.  Currently we are creating this with Google's GWT but this might change. 

The implementation architecture includes some new SOAP Web Service interfaces that can be used to maintain the store data.   This is rather like what we've done with the SOAP interfaces that are already available for KonaKart from the client application persepctive, except these new ones are for the administration.   With SOAP Web Service interfaces available for administration of the data it should be easy for us, and anyone else for that matter, to build administration functionality by creating applications from the WSDL definitions.

With the AJAX/GWT client and the Web Services back-end, we hope to provide a secure and user-friendly administration tool in the near future.  Watch this space....

But, in the mean time, you can use any osCommerce database-compatible administration tool you choose - inlcuding the free one provided by osCommerce.

John - KonaKart.com



You didn't answer the question.
Any beta version?
I cannot use KonaKart without administration tool.
My server does not support PHP, so I cannot use standard PHP based admin tool.
Anyway, KonaKart is a very good idea. I like it.



Hi Gery,

The KonaKart Admin App is coming along nicely but it will be two or three weeks from now before we release it.

It's undergoing some beta trials at the moment and looking very promising.   

I hope the delay won't cause you too many problems.



I am looking forward to this added functionality also. Do you need any beta testers?


Hi sfsylz (that's hard to pronounce  :)),

Thanks very much for your kind offer but we're very close now and things are looking good for a release in 2/3 weeks.  Hopefully this will be a very solid first release but any feedback that you have at that time would be most welcome.