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Login with mobile number.

Started by kkdubey042@gmail.com, February 04, 2017, 09:41:12 am

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Hi team,

We have an requirement to make the email Id as optional are register the user using the mobile number and other details, so is there any way so that user can be able to login using registered mobile number?


In Konakart, each customer is registered with email ID that becomes the login ID. In our application, we needed a different Identifier to be unique and customers be able to login with that Unique ID.

We customized RegisterCustomer (of CustomerMgr) and login (of SecurityMgr) API to use a non email ID for registration and login.

We also had to customize doesCustomerExistForEmail to not use email ID for checking.

I have seen email ID is mandatory while registering customer, you might have to change Customers table definition to achieve optional email ID requirement of yours.


For the next release we've added a way to be able to login using either a username (new customer attribute) or one of the two telephone numbers. We've also added code to optionally check for uniqueness of these three attributes when registering or editing a customer either from KKEng or KKAdminEng including the Admin App.


That sounds awesome @julie. When we can expect the next release, if I'm not to pushy