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How KKAppEng maintans the states of different Users?

Started by kkdubey042@gmail.com, May 29, 2017, 06:10:26 am

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From the demo kkeclipse (default installation) we have copied the Client app related files like OrderMgr,BaseMgr,etc along with jars and copied the struts Action class logic in our project, as well as copied the web.xml entries into our project web.xml, konakart.properties files,etc . After copying all these , in our project we merged the client app i.e KKAppEng and it works fine when single user logs in,but if two users logs in from two different machine then its unable to maintain the session of the users if one user add the products in cart then the same products are getting visible in other or the other user does not able to proceed he gets exceptions as the product selected in ProductMgr becomes null for the other somehow, so can you please tell what could be the reason of it. For your information we are instantiating the KKAppEng for every user and maintaining the KKAppEng in his session and using the same object in the users complete session, but still the problem persist. please tell me is there any more configuration I need to do.


I can only see that happening if it's the same user logging in from two different machines since the cart items are retrieved from the database when a customer logs in.


No that's not the case, actually its happening with two different users from two different machines..


I'm afraid that doesn't make much sense to me and it's obviously not the way KonaKart works when you install it OOTB.

Without understanding exactly what you've done it's very difficult for me to envisage what's happening. Since you have all of the source and an Eclipse project, what I advise is for you to try debugging the storefront to get some more clues.