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Konakat Multiple banner image configuration

Started by Vishk, April 29, 2017, 09:34:37 am

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    I am using a Konakart community edition in which i am looking for banner image with slider option if there are more than one images for any category or for home page also if i edit a banner image which is hardcoded in BannersBody.jsp, here when i change the image path with any other image then it is not getting displayed
also please suggest me how to do refine search by Product price instead of  manufacturers.

So to summarize it i have confusion in below three points
1) For changing the image of home page or category page banner
2) Multiple banner image slider how to configure
3) Refine search by Product cost instead of manufacturers.
Please suggest solution of above points in Community Version


Here i want to update that i am able to change images of home and category banner but still doubtful about rest of mentioned points like multiple image banner with slider and Refine Search as per product cost