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I ran out until custom10 of the orders table, but can we add more?

Started by Mr.Happy, February 10, 2017, 04:02:17 am

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Hi Team,

I ran out until custom10 of the orders table, but can we add more?
If Konakart can not do it please tell me if there is other way.

Thank you.


Have you considered using custom attributes where you can have an unlimited number of custom attributes?

Alternatively, can you save your attributes in some kind of data structure (in JSON format perhaps?) to combine more than one of your business quantities in one custom column?


Brian thanks for your reply,

An unlimited number of custom attributes!?
I didn't know that attributes.

Is that about this?
Unlimited number of custom product attributes. Each attribute may include metadata for validation and widget selection during data entry using the Admin App.

Is there an unlimited custom attribute for custom order attributes too?



No, you're right, those custom attributes are only for products but you can use a similar technique to combine your attributes and save them in one custom attribute on the order.


Our Approach to utilizing custom columns of the tables is to use json objects, i.e. combine multiple custom columns data into 1 column, lest we run out of custom columns.