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Re: Modifying the "entry_street_address" column size of customers table

Started by kkdubey042@gmail.com, February 04, 2017, 03:30:47 pm

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Hi Team,

We are facing the problem during adding the address detail in "entry_street_address" column of table customers, as our existing customers has large size street address we are not able to add to during the registration, so please can you increase all the address related column size
in next build? or can we modify the column ourself?

Data truncation: Data too long for column 'entry_street_address' at row 1
        at com.konakart.json.KKJSONEngBase.checkForException(Unknown Source)
        at com.konakart.json.KKJSONEng.registerCustomer(Unknown Source)
        at com.konakart.actions.custom.SSOAction.registerCustomerInKK(Unknown Source)
        at com.konakart.actions.custom.SSOAction.handleSSORequest(Unknown Source)



Thank you for your reply,

Currently we are migrating our existing DB in konakart DB,eg some related tables in complete purchase flow like in our DB we have 'SaleOrder' table which we are going to map with the Konakart 'orders' table, so in this case our existing data size is more than the 'orders' table column size in Konakart DB, so in such cases can we modify the 'orders' table column size? if we modify, will it affect during upgradation process? or do we need to take care of this during upgradation process?


You should be ok to extend the size of columns in the KonaKart DB.  When running the upgrade scripts first check each statement to ensure that any column changes that may have occurred do not conflict with yours.  It would be unusual for there to be a conflict but it's worth checking.  Generally speaking you should be OK extending the size of columns used by KonaKart but, in some cases, you might find that the field validation in the Admin Application assumes the original size - so that may need to be modified.


Thanks Brain,

In the same line, we have the user account ID based as mobile number as well as emailId, User can login using the emailId as well as mobile number, so we are considering the 'customers_telephone' column to store our users mobile number so can we add the unique constraints on  'customers_telephone' column of 'customers' table.

And how will be the user be able to login using the mobile number? is there any way to make user login using the mobile number?

please clarify..


In Konakart as you know, each customer is registered with email ID that becomes the login ID. In our application, we needed a different Identifier to be unique and customers be able to login with that Unique ID.

We customized RegisterCustomer (of CustomerMgr) and login (of SecurityMgr) API to use a non email ID for registration and login.

We also had to customize doesCustomerExistForEmail to not use email ID for checking.

I have seen email ID is mandatory while registering customer, you might have to change Customers table definition to achieve optional email ID requirement of yours.