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Liferay 7

Started by phancox, August 25, 2016, 07:06:33 am

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Does KonaKart integrate with the new Liferay 7.x portal given Liferay's new OSGi architecture?


We have been working on a solution for running our automatically-generated portlets in Liferay 7 and DXP.   It's quite close but not ready yet.  We are about to release v8.3 of KonaKart in which the solution for Liferay 7 is included but not fully-working so unless you want to spend time resolving the outstanding problems it's not recommended (there are issues with jQuery compatibility amongst others).

So, currently we are suggesting that if you want to us KonaKart in Liferay 7 or DXP you should use the KonaKart APIs to underpin your own portlets blending eCommerce functionality with your other content.  An excellent way to do this is by leveraging the KonaKart Tiles which provide a full KonaKart storefront in JavaScript.  Both techniques offer a good solution for the ultimate in flexibility on the storefront.

There is no problem with KonaKart co-existing with Liferay's new OSGi architecture.

If you wanted to continue to use the automatically-generated portlets you will have to stay on Liferay 6 for now.


Thanks and sorry for the late response; hadn't turned on notifications :-(

Just starting a Liferay 7 upgrade so we'll see how we go.