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Is it possible to set a splash page as the default page

Started by micahm90, July 09, 2016, 12:41:01 am

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Is it possible to set a splash page as the default page instead of going directly to the store-front? For instance when a user first come to the site they see the splash page then when ready click a link to get to the store-front.


Our storefront is a fully customizable struts2 application so you can do pretty much what you want with it.


I've been trying to modify the entry to the application but something in struts keeps taking me to Welcome.action. I thought it was DefaultAction but even after modifying it the application still goes to Welcome.action. I also modify the index.html to point to the new page but still goes to welcome.action. So I'm wondering what is konakart doing internally that makes it possible for the application to consistently go to Welcome.action after all the modifications?


Note: I realize its a old post, but adding my reply here to help others that might need resolution.

When you are trying to modify entry to storefront application, pl check if any code that is getting executed looks for KK session ID. In our case, Konakart internal logic was looking for the session ID and when not found, was bringing Welcome action  which otherwise should not happen.