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Buy X Get Y Free for different products

Started by Satish Shah, June 14, 2016, 12:19:25 pm

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Satish Shah


I want to provide an offer for example buy 2 shirts and get 1 tie free.

How can i do it.

As the inbuilt Buy X Get Y Free module only allowed for same product. i.e. Buy 2 shirts and get 1 shirt free (the same shirt).

Can you please guide me?

Thank you,
Satish Shah


Buy X Get Y Free is indeed designed for the same product.

You might want to look at the FreeProduct module which would allow the specification of the tie as the free product.

You have the source code for the modules.  You may need to merge the code from the above two order total modules to create a module that's just what you want.....

Satish Shah


In FreeProduct module we can give free product of out choice..i.e. only specific product can be made free..

What I want is the free product can be any of user's choice..

Anyways..I try to do as you say..thanks a lot for your reply Brian.