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How to import konakart as project in eclipse?

Started by rula, February 26, 2008, 07:17:05 pm

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first i have to customize the view (images, styles, htmls and jsps) and
later perhaps the src (actions, forms) and than run a ant build all in eclipse.

How to create or import a konakart-project like a struts-project in eclipse for effective work.

Is there a good and fast way to do all this work inside eclipse?




You will find the java code is laid out in a standard fashion (under the custom directory) - including an ant build file - so you can easily reference these, and the other non-java files, using Eclipse (or any other java IDE).




i created a project in the ide,
imported the custom-, webapps- and common-folder
and run the ant build with the required targets.

So i can compile and create wars from my customized sources and deploy these.

It's fine, thanks.

Regards, rula


hI, I dont untestund how i must do for import portel in eclipse, can u be more exctly ?


Follow the notes in the User Guide... 


Look on that page for "Developing the storefront in Eclipse"


Brian hello, does the tool generated eclipse project include sources of both store and admin web modules?

Kind Regards


With the Enterprise version you would get the full source code of the client;  with the Community Edition you don't get the client engine source but you do still get a considerable amount of the storefront code - enough to make most of the customisations we expect people to make. 

In neither version do you get the source code for the Admin Console however in the Enterprise version you get the full source code for the Admin Tiles which are the best way to implement new Admin functionality.

From our website:

Open Source

All of the KonaKart source code is available. The source code in the installation packages is shipped under the GNU Lesser General Public License and is typically the code that we would expect a customer to modify when adapting KonaKart to his requirements. It includes the Struts action classes, the JSPs, the payment modules, order total modules and shipping modules. The Enterprise version of KonaKart also includes the KonaKart Client Engine source code.

The remaining source code is sold as a separate product. We don't recommend that customers modify the core engine code because that makes it more difficult for us to support them and for them to upgrade to newer versions of the product. We prefer them to communicate with the KonaKart engines through the published APIs since these remain stable between releases and normally provide a very smooth upgrade path even for major customizations.