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Adding Greek language with intent to use everywhere

Started by aviennas, April 10, 2016, 04:18:00 pm

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I'am a newbie on the konakart platform, currently doing tests with the latest community edition.

I want to localize both the admin app and the store. I created a new record at the Localization > Languages view for Greek (I was not asked though on the edit form to supply a flag file, icon.gif, later on could not spot the relevant icon.gif  files on the filesystem of deployment) nevertheless, having enabled the file upload and edit capabilities listed the two new message files ( Messages_el.properties, AdminMessages_el.properties) in konakart_config_files.xml and attempted to import the two files either server side or picking them from locale filesystem. I got no response from the upload action.

catalina.out : shows:
10-Apr 17:21:19 WARN  (?:__authenticate:?) ClassNotFoundException: not found


while browsing the log file I saw an earlier message:

10-Apr-2016 12:40:05.066 WARNING [http-nio-8780-exec-9] com.konakart.reports.GetDbParams.<init> Cannot locate configuration source C:/Program Files/KonaKart/webapps/konakartadmin/WEB-INF/classes/konakartadmin.properties

trying to locate where such (a windows path) still lurks I could not find any (my platform is MacOSX)

The language appears as a record in the database and the adminapp but it is not showing up on the dropdown option at the site. 

I want to setup the new language the proper way, but I can't find sufficient documentation in sufficient detail. Can somebody from the platform team give any hints what is done wrong?

Kind Regards


So you probably used the zip file for your installation?   It's far far easier to use the installers because these will set up the configuration values in all the necessary files required.  With the zip install you have to do these...  and it appears you haven't completed that task.   OK, there's no installer for the Mac but you could install on Linux and move the installation over.   Failing that you have to fix the config files and configuration variables manually.

Ensure all the variables under the "Configuration" section of the Admin Console are set to the appropriate values for your installation.  Notably the installation home (anywhere you see C:\Program Files\etc).

An easier way to introduce a new language is to change an existing one.. eg. change the German one to Greek if you don't need German.

You can ignore the flag and icon - they're not used by default (but you can use them if you want).

konakart_config_files.xml is not of great importance.  It just allows you to access files on the server from your Admin Console. This may or may not be of use to you.

Make sure you have replaced all the C:/Program Files/KonaKart references with the appropriate KonaKart home on your system.  This is what the installers would have done.

The report one that you mention is in "*\KonaKart\webapps\birtviewer\reports\lib\konakart.rptlibrary"

Good luck!


Thank you very much for all the info Brian, all your assumptions on target! It didn't cross my mind the platform would be responsible for the incompleteness of the setup. Considering my intended target production system is going to be linux (centos) it was a mistake not to perform the installation on a vm.

Best Regards