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New Language adding for Konakart

Started by Hariharan, March 30, 2016, 05:44:58 am

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I tried all ways for adding new language in konakart, yet i didn't get that.Anyone simply tell me the steps for Adding new Language.Am using
Liferay version = 6.2-ce-ga2 
Konakart = anyone tel me how could i attain this integration.

Thanks in Advance:)


By default you should see 4 languages.   One way of doing this is to change the name of one of those languages (that you don't want?) to your new language. This can be easier than trying to add a new one on the Languages panel but that is also possible.

Refer to the Liferay installation instructions in the doc directory of your KonaKart installation  (LiferayPortletInstallation.pdf)


How to display language switcher block in konakart store front end. Konakart = thanks in advance


It's just a drop list and should already be in TopBar.jsp.


Hi Julie,

Thanks for response, But I am unable to see language switcher in store header.

I have integrated Konakart with Drupal CMS, We have all konakart tiles and JS library file. Kindly suggest how i can enable language dropdown for store front end.

Note: We dont have any jsp file.

Thanks in advance


It looks like you are using the EE version of KonaKart so you have the source code for all of the tiles. What I would do is to just create a new tile (following the examples that you have) that shows the language drop list and manages the language change.


Hi ,

Could you please provide us some sample code  or documentation so that i can refer for language switcher functionality.



You already have everything you need. You have the source code of the standard JSP based storefront where that functionality is present and you have the source code + documentation of all of the tiles so what you need to do is to make a JavaScript tile that replicates the functionality of that language drop list. If you can't figure it out then you may want to consider getting help directly from KonaKart or one of our partners.