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Paypal details

Started by vn, December 01, 2007, 05:29:49 pm

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Hello, we are building an e-commerce application and were looking at KonaKart as the shopping cart to integrate within the application (which is also Java and Struts based).

We would like to use this along with PayPal -- either Website Payments Standard or Website Payments Pro.

Can KonaKart be used with either of these PayPal options?  If so, are there are hints or examples that you can pass on that show what needs to be done to:

- KonaKart and PayPal integration
- call PayPal
- receive confirmation

I tried to look through the examples but did not find anything specific (might have missed it altogether).

Any help that you can provide will be greatly appreciated.




There is already a standard PayPal payment module.   For the pro versions, we have those on our to-do list but if you would like to do these and contribute them back to the community, so much the better.

You will find all the source code for other similar payment modules in the custom source code examples.  You will also find plenty of advice on how to build these in this forum.   The best method is to find one that's similar to the one you want to implement and then copy and rename all of the pieces.

For the PayPal pro module (for the US and the UK if I remember correctly) you will probably be better off copying authorize.Net or USAePay as a starting point as these variants collect the credit card details on the KonaKart site rather than the payment gateway site liek the standard PayPal module.

If you get stuck or run out of time you can always request that the people at KonaKart do it for a nominal sum - just email sales at konakart dot com if you're interested in this option.