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Wishlist functionality through SOAP

Started by avector, September 10, 2015, 11:27:56 am

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Could you please clarify how to  use wishlist functionality through SOAP services for NOT logged in users? (for enterprise edition of konakart).
I have mentioned that in webapp it is possible to add some items in wishlist before user is logged in. After user logged in wish list is merged with currently logged in user.

But all SOAP wishlist methods (createWishList, addToWishList, etc) require the sessionId of the logged in customer.

So, the question is how to get the same wishlist functionality through SOAP like it is done in webapplication?

Thank you in advance...


Whichever flavour of the APIs you are using they all have exactly the same API calls . i.e. The KK SOAP engine, the KK RMI engine, the KK POJO engine and the KK JSON engines all implement the same interface which is KKEngIF.

We definitely recommend you use a KK Engine rather than constructing your own SOAP calls. If you have the EE version then it's better to use JSON which performs a lot better.


Hello, Julie.

We have used KKEngIf interface and its provided functionality. We have already integrated with SOAP services which konakart provided, so why should we use JSON services if SOAP services implement the same interface? We just need to understand how to do wish lists calls for not logged in users.
This topic is not mentioned in docs that's why we are asking here.

We have analysed the konakart application invocations for wishlist when user is not logged in. We discovered that the action "https://luxury.dev/konakart/EditWishListSubmit.action?action=r&wid=1&id=1"; is used with some parameters. It is important to notice that user is not logged in.

But konakart KKEngIf demands "sessionId" parameter which we can get after "login" method invocation. SOAP services respond that "sessionId" cannot be omitted and should exists.

So, could you please provide any example of KKEngIf engine invocation for wish list without "sessionId" parameter?

Thank you in advance.


Quoteso why should we use JSON services if SOAP services implement the same interface?

As I said in the previous post, JSON perfoms a lot better.

If you have the EE take a look at custom\appEngEE\src\com\konakart\al\WishListMgr.java which shows you how we do it. Also look at the Javadoc for editWishListWithOptions(), deleteWishListWithOptions() etc.