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How to setup a new project?

Started by darong.mean, August 14, 2015, 08:00:38 am

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To all,

I'm looking to prototype a storefront with Konakart and Liferay and I'd like to get some idea with how to setup the project. There are several ways that I think of

  • make modification in the "custom" or "webapps" folder and run ant build with make_liferay_portlet_war/make_wars goal

  • run ant goal make_eclipse_project, copy all files back to konakart installation and then run ant goal make_liferay_portlet_war

  • create a project from scratch

We have concern on the first and second options on how to store them in source control like git. The third option would take a bit work to pull of. So my question is how do you setup this kind of project?


Good questions.... and all of your ideas are valid possibilities.

A lot depends on what your final objective is.

If it's just a quick prototype than I would do as little as possible and that would probably be to make an Eclipse project, put those source files in your SCMS and create a build from that to create the portlets (using the KonaKart ANT files as a guide).  For rapid development it's very useful to be able to run the storefront you're customising from within Eclipse.

However...   when some people integrate with Liferay they just build custom portlets themselves and integrate with KonaKart via the APIs.   This is a completely different way to implement - we have examples of customers who take this approach - and customers who take the former approach where they convert the whole Struts storefront app to a Liferay portlet.  Exampels of each can be found here:  http://www.konakart.com/cms-portal-integrations/liferay/

If you're building independent portlets I would build your own project(s) from scratch and use your SCMS as you require.

One thing to remember with KonaKart is that it's easy to upgrade without changing your storefront.   Therefore, your investment in building the storefront is not lost when a new release of KonaKart comes out.   Put simply,  the upgrade process involves running some SQL to update the database then to replace the server jars...   The APIs remain backwards-compatible so your storefront continues to work with the new version of KonaKart.