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Konakart SOAP product options.

Started by avector, July 22, 2015, 10:36:53 am

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Could you please clarify how to get products options (attributes) (like Color, Size and so on) by using SOAP API? I have tried searchForProducts(..) and searchForProductsWithOptions(..) with many parameters  set to true (like setGetTags(true), setFillCustomAttrArray(true)) and so on. However the resulting Products and its Product[] array does not contain any information about product options.

And is it possible to get filtered products by some of these attributes by SOAP API? For eg get products with some categories with product options Color (white, black) only...

Thank you in advance.


All KonaKart APIs provide all of the functionality so whatever you can do through POJO you can also do through SOAP or JSON or RMI.

To get the options you must set fillProductOptions to true in the DataDescriptor object passed to the search. For filtering you'll probably want to use faceted searching.