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Konakart SOAP set currency...

Started by avector, July 17, 2015, 01:28:36 pm

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I use SOAP API of konakart to integrate it with a custom web application. This is a multilingual application and there is some currency for each language. User could change language and currency in application.
I just wonder how to set currency through SOAP API?
I have found any suitable service method for this. Also, user can be not logged in and fulfil basket with products. Then after currency is changed basket products must be recalculated with the chosen currency.
Konakart web app supports all of these stuff, but how to repeat it using SOAP API?

Thank you in advance!


We use the API to get the currency objects so that we have the conversion multiplier that needs to be used on the default store currency. The actual mutiplication to display the prices in the correct currency is done on the storefront application at display time.